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Geffen Baby Organic Pre Fold Diapers

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Organic Prefold Imported Pakistani Cotton Prefold Diapers and Domestic Fleece/Hemp Prefold Diapers & Jersey/Hemp Prefold Diapers
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Geffen Baby Organic Diapers: Locally Made in Los Angeles
Geffen Baby began as a Los Angeles based textile manufacturing company and they saw a need for local organic textiles and baby products. They manufacture the textiles themselves at their own plant to ensure that they have a hand in on every step of production from start to finish. They decided to improve their fabrics by adding more hemp to the content.
By manufacturing locally they don't save the costs the way other companies do by manufacturing in China, India or Taiwan, but they save are planet by reducing their carbon footprint as well as keep money in the USA to help our economy. They are a local company who supports a greener world.
Geffen Baby Domestic Prefolds are 40% Organic Cotton/60% Hemp combination and come in your choice of Fleece or Jersey Knit.
They also offer 100% Organic Indian Cotton Imported Diapers.