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Planet Wise Sandwich Bags

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Planet Wise Sandwich Bags & Wraps
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Planetwise Sandwich & Snack Bags are a Great alternative to plastic baggies and come in various sizes & styles!

Snack Bag 7" x 3.5"                  PW Snack Bag Grey Chevron    
Zipper Snack Bag 7" x 3.5"       PW Zipper Snack Bag Teal Chevron
Sandwich Bag 7" x 5.5"           PW Sandwich Bag Grey Chevron
Zipper Sandwich Bag 7" x 5.5"PW Zipper Sandwich Bag Teal Chevron

Window Bag 7" x 5.5"              PW Window Bag Grey Houndstooth
Sandwich Wrap 13" x 13"   PW Sandwich Wrap Grey Houndstooth

  • Waste-free lunches
  • Replaces aluminum foil, plastic wrap & plastic baggies
  • Perfect size for fruit, snacks, sandwiches or leftovers
  • Fun for all ages