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Saranoni Mini Blankets
Saranoni Mini Blankets

Saranoni Baby Blankets

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Saranoni Mini Blankets and Receiving Blankets

Saranoni mini blankets provide ultimate on-the-go comfort.  This 15" X 20" blanket is the perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddles. Ideal also for tucking around infants and newborns in car seats and carriers. 

Luxuriously soft and warm the mini blanket packs small but delivers full-sized comfort. Give them their very own "noni"  

Saranoni Receiving Blankets provide ultimate luxury for little ones.  Generously sized at 30" x 40" they provide exceptional coverage, warmth and comfort. Surround your baby with softness and style. 

Saranoni Blankets come in Swirl/Lush style, Lush/Lush, Lush/Satin Trim, Swirl Lush/Satin Trim and Bamboni.