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Weekly Diaper Cover Laundry

Based on Number of Covers per Week
Weekly Diaper Cover Laundry Service for Rental Covers
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Would you like us to wash your covers? or The Rental Covers?

Simply toss YOUR soiled covers  or soiled rental covers in the pail (once you've set up the cover laundry)  and we will replace with fresh clean covers. While you still may have to wash the rental covers a few times throughout the week depending on how many covers you own or are renting from us, this will eliminate one extra washing, since we will bring you clean covers on delivery day.  You MUST REQUEST this.  If you just throw covers in without alerting us, we won't have new ones to bring you when we deliver. 
If you are considering renting more than 12 covers, visit the Diaper Cover Full Service option page where you will get the cover laundering added for FREE. Or if you are planning on Renting 1 Set of 6 covers and adding Cover Laundering to these, then for a few more dollars per week, you could get the Full Service option and not ever have to worry about laundry!

If we are laundering your covers, you will need to have enough covers for the week while your first batch is out being laundered.  You will need to own 2 weeks worth of covers to avoid any laundering yourself.
Approximate guidelines for weekly number of covers needed:
Newborn: about 3 per day = 18-24 covers per week
Small: about 2 per day = 12-18 covers per week
Medium: about 1.5 per day = 6-12  covers per week
Large: about 1 per day = 6-12  covers per week
NOTE: We only launder diaper covers we rent.