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Weekly Prefold & Fitted Diaper Combo Service

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Weekly Diaper Combo Service of Fitted Diapers & Prefold Diapers
Part Number: 10-4
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What Does it Include?

1. 1 Weeks worth of fitted & prefold cloth diapers, laundering, delivery and pick-up.  
    NB  50 Prefolds 30 Fitted
    INF 45 Prefolds 25 Fitted
    REG 40 Prefolds 20 Fitted
2. Monthly Citrus Deodorizing Disks if your rent or purchase our pail. 

*It does not include cover service.  Covers are needed for cloth diapering. Rent covers here Weekly Diaper Cover Rental or purchase covers Diaper Covers

There are no refunds on diaper service orders
Feature: New Customers, please enter a minimum quantity of 4 weeks to avoid processing delays of your order
Feature: When ordering online, we will contact you to schedule your Consultation/ 1st delivery

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