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Weekly Laundering Service- Your Stash

Your Price: $20.00
Weekly Diaper Laundering of Your Stash
Part Number: 11
Availability: In Stock
Feature: New Customers, please enter a minimum quantity of 4 weeks to avoid processing delays of your order

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What Does it Include?

1. Weekly laundering, delivery and pick-up of YOUR stash of Prefold or Fitted cloth diapers!  AIO or Pocket Stash weekly wash is 29.75
2. 'Green' reusable water-proof cloth hamper bags
3. Citrus deodorizing disks

Customers need to contact us when opting for this option, as we will need to determine the amount of diapers needed to supplement your stash, to get you through the entire week, and the following week while we are laundering the prior week's supply.
Recommended diaper quantity per week is based on the following:
1. Newborn (up to 8 lbs -2x6 ply) - 70 diapers per week
2. XSmall (6-10 lbs - 4x8x4 ply) - 70 diapers per week 
3. Small (8-15 lbs - 4x8 ply) - 60 diapers per week
4. Medium (up to 30 lbs - 4x6 ply) - 50 diapers per week
5. Large (up to 30 lbs - 4x8 ply) - 40 diapers per week
6. XLarge (up to 45 lbs - 4x8 ply) - 30 diapers per week