Hello,I'm Laura and my husband Reuben and I are the owners of Pannolino Diaper Service.  I am also a Trainer, Life Coach & Parenting Coach.  I started my own training business in 2000 and realized that people needed more, their lives were out of balance, so I became a life coach and then with the birth of our daughter we became very interested in parenting differently than we had been parented,  and also making greener living choices for our family.  We decided to take some parenting workshops and to use cloth diapers. At that time not so many people were into cloth diapering, but we just could not imagine throwing away so many disposable diapers.  

With each year we found more ways to reduce our waste and to live healthier earth friendly lives and we focused on raising our daughter from a heart centered perspective and I became a coach and educator of Parenting From The Heart.  So, with the birth of our second child, we already knew that we would cloth diaper again. 
We met Brooke Watkins through our daughters pre-school and when I became pregnant we knew we not only wanted to use a diaper service, but we were going to choose her local small business and help our local economy.  So in 2011 we signed up for service and by the end of the year, Brooke had decided to close the business to pursue other endeavors.  When she sent out the email we were saddened and thought we would just do our own diapers.  I was really curious, however, as to why she was leaving and sent her an e-mail inquiring about the business and why she was closing.  By the end of that week, my husband and I decided to purchase the business and run it ourselves.
We were very excited and began that new venture January 2012. Then in 2013 we were contacted by Precious Bottoms Diaper Service in San Diego looking for a buyer and we decided to expand and purchase that service as well.  We now have combined the two and we service Long Beach, Bellflower, Orange County and San Diego. 

We are so passionate about raising our children.  We realize every aspect of their lives affects them and each experience makes the adult that they will become.  We want our children and other children to be able to be physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy.  Being eco conscious is a very important element in achieving this.  Therefore, the products that we use and sell are ones that I have personally used and liked for my children, and many products were recommended by friends and customers.
With the toxic contribution of disposable diapers to landfills and the hundreds of years it takes them to decompose, I am passionate about this healthy, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative -- cloth diapers. I also love the luxurious feel of soft fabric on my baby's skin, and you will too! 
Our intentions are to help make the transition to cloth diapering easier and fun for families, whether it be via education or utilizing our service, because every little bit helps!
As a family owned business, you will often hear small children in the background when you call. We enjoy talking to customers so please feel free to call us. 657-210-1021