Natural Fibers (hemp/cotton)
1. Wash 3-5 times in hot water (120° F or 140°F max) with detergent – enables diapers to absorb properly by removing natural oils and waxes. Do not use Sanitize cycle on any products with Velcro closures or eleastic
2. Dry on hot between each wash to ensure shrinkage and proper absorbency

Polyester Fibers
1. Wash once with detergent. Avoid prewashing polyester products with natural fiber products.
2. Dry on warm

Wool Products
1. Hand wash wool products in lukewarm water with wool wash – see Cloth Diapering 101
2. Line dry, then be sure to lanolize before using – see Cloth Diapering 101

Tip: After prewashing is complete, most products except for wool, can be washed together according to manufacturer’s directions

So What Do I Need to Start?

  1. Diapers (obviously!) & Inserts: 2-3 dozen
  2. Covers (if not using Pockets or All-In-Ones): 3-5 (you’ll need more for a younger baby)
  3. Detergent & Disinfectant
  4. Large (Ventilated) Diaper Pail, Small Diaper Pail (for covers) & Pail Liners
  5. If using cloth wipes you may want an empty wipes container/warmer or 1-2 spray bottles and an optional thermos
  6. Firm plastic scraper – spatula or long wooden spoon