By using our cloth diaper service, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Starting Service:
To start service, there is a 4 week initial minimum plus a one-time $25.00 set-up fee required for all new customers and discounted $15 for returning customers. This payment is due in full before the first delivery.  The 4 week service and set-up fee are both non-refundable.
Customers must contact us within 4 weeks after their due date to either resume, freeze or discontinue service, if they have had a their first Pre-Birth Set-Up bag delivered to their house. Customers cannot keep that first delivery of diapering supplies for an unlimited time. If we have not heard from you within 4 weeks of your due date we will contact you to pick-up the supplies.
Customers will receive one weeks supply of pre-fold service quality diapers, delivered in a cloth pail liner on their 1st and 2nd delivery.  The following weeks, customers will receive back the amount of soiled diapers from the week before. When returning SOILED full service rental covers, please place these in the separate bag that is provided, as they are laundered separately from the diapers.  If returning rental covers, please return them CLEAN NOT SOILED IN A SEPARATE BAG.
Whenever you need to make changes to your order (ie sizes, quantities, etc) please notify us by the Friday prior to that weeks delivery, or the change will not go into effect until the following week.

As your child grows and is ready for a larger diaper, all current diapers must be returned in order to receive a full supply of the next size.  A $2.00 per prefold diaper charge or $15 per cover will be added to your next months bill for all unreturned diapers or supplies.

Missed pickups:
In the event that you forget to leave out your soiled diapers, we will still leave a clean bundle for you. For any missed pickups, we will pick-up two weeks worth of diapers the following week, and still leave you a 'loaner' bag of diapers for that week. If however, you forget to leave the supplies out a second week in a row, we will not leave any diapers and the customer must call us to coordinate the drop off of supplies to our Huntington Beach location, or schedule an extra pickup for an additional fee.
Pannolino Diaper Service will bill monthly. Your first payment is due on the service start date. We will invoice between the 15th and 20th of every month with payment being due on or before the 1st. All payments must be received before the first of each month to prevent any service disruptions. By paying your monthly bill, you are agreeing to contract service for another month. Paid service will not be refunded. We accept cash, credit (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover), personal checks and billpay (use last name for Account Number and mail payments to address below). If choosing to pay by credit card, you can sign up for automatic credit card payment, just send us an email and we will provide you the form to fill out authorizing this. If you choose to pay by check or cash, please leave your payment in an envelope inside the clean diaper bag. There is a $35.00 fee for all return checks. Service will be suspended until the account is in good standing and all fees have been paid.
Make checks payable to: Pannolino Diaper Service
Address to mail payments is:
Pannolino Diaper Service
7071 Warner Ave #F85
Huntington Beach CA 92647

Proper Diaper Use:
Our rental diapers are to be used on babies only.  Diapers found being used as cleaning rags or for other non-baby related uses will need to be removed from service due to the inability to remove chemicals or stains.  If a diaper needs to be removed from service, you will be charged the replacement fees indicated above. 

Certain medications or diaper creams can cause untreatable stains that ruin rented diapers.  Please notify us if your childs doctor has prescribed any medications or diaper rash creams.  Also, please check our website for recommended diaper creams that are better for both your child and the diapers. Please minimize the use of diaper creams containing Zinc Oxide without a reusable or disposable diaper liner (available at our store) as these can damage the diapers.
Do not store soiled diapers in the heat (example: outside or in a garage during the summer) or in direct sunlight. This will cause unpleasant things to grow and may damage the diapers.

Please shake off soiled diapers when possible and place in pail liner.

Please do not store diapers in sealed plastic. This also causes mold and mildew.  Wet bags are available for sale on our website. If you damage a diaper, you will be billed for it.

Vacations and Moving:
Please contact us at least 1 week prior to your move with the new address and the delivery date in which service would like to be switched to the new address. 
If you are going on vacation, please contact us at least 1 week prior to your departure to let us know the dates. Depending on what days your vacation is relative to your delivery day, we will still schedule a pickup/delivery and/or skip pickup/delivery, which is dependant on minimizing time soiled diapers will be left sitting. Your account and billing will be updated accordingly.
To help with the ease of vacation planning we have flip disposable inserts that you can purchase, or receive 2 packs in exchange for that skipped week of diaper service.
If you are going on vacation for longer than 1 week, please contact us 1 week prior to your departure and let us know the dates as we may have to pick up ALL your diapers (clean and soiled) and hold delivery until the date specified.
We will deliver as usual on every holiday except Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. If delivery day falls on one of these days you will be notified in advance of the special holiday delivery schedule.

We make every effort to conserve resources while also meeting customers needs.  Therefore, delivery days are subject to delivery routes.

On your delivery day, please place your pail liner full of soiled diapers in an easily accessible place out of direct sunlight.

As a general rule, we are servicing Orange County and Long Beach. Areas outside the standard service area may result in a nominal surcharge.

Termination of Service and Refunds:
Customers may cancel at any time after the initial 4 weeks. Two weeks notice is required for termination of services, however paid service WILL NOT be refunded.

Pre-paid service will receive a disposable diaper delivery in place of remaining weeks, or a credit toward product purchase or a gift certificate to gift the service to someone else.  The account can be frozen and service started again later.  Any fee's associated with the cancellation will be deducted from the amount of credit. 

Upon termination of service, customers have 2 weeks to arrange the return of all rented diapers and equipment. Failure to do so will result in replacement charges for all missing items. 

The replacement charge for unreturned diapers is detailed in the 'Service' section above.  There is no prorating on diapers due to the fact that undamaged diapers will remain in circulation.

After every effort has been made to recover all rented equipment, the credit card provided at the beginning of service will be charged for the full amount of any unreturned and/or damaged items.

We reserve the right to terminate this service agreement at anytime.

Customer Satisfaction and Limitations:
We strive to meet the satisfaction of all customers.  We welcome all comments and questions, and will attempt to remedy any situations brought to our attention.  We reserve the right to determine refunds not explained in this agreement on a case by case basis.

All diapers are rigorously cleaned to ensure ultimate cleanliness and the best possible product for your child.  We welcome and encourage any inquires about our washing process, including the products used.  We also encourage open communication about your childs allergies.  However, we cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions that may occur as a result of using any of our products.