If choosing to use cloth wipes you may want to pre-prepare a wipes container solution or spray bottle solution to aid during changes

Simple Wipes Solution Recipe: 

Base: 1 cup distilled/boiled (then cooled) water
Moisturizer: 1 T jojoba/olive oil AND/OR squirt Aloe Vera juice 
Cleanser: Few squirts Natural Baby Wash (Aveeno/California Baby) OR
     Dr Bronners Castile Soap (if prefer soap based) OR Witch Hazel
Optional: 1 drop tea tree oil to inhibit mold

Mix Wipes Solution well and add to either:
a.     Wipes Container/Warmer with Wipes
b.     Spray Bottle

Wipes Container Method:
Grab wipes and wipe baby till clean, take dry wipe to wipe again and dry baby, throw wipes in diaper pail

Spray Bottle Method:
Spray solution on baby’s bottom or on wipe and wipe baby clean, use dry wipe to dry baby, throw wipes in pail

Olive Oil Soap Method:
Moisten wipe with water and rub on soap bar, then use on baby to clean, can repeat process if need-be but do not ‘double-dip’ wipe on soap bar – use a new wipe, use dry wipe to dry baby and dispose in pail

Tip: If prefer the Spray Bottle Method, you can still have the luxury of warm wipes if warm water is also kept in a thermos at changing station (ie Thermos Pump Pot but do not put solution in this as you need to shake the solution to mix)

Tip: If using the Witch Hazel in your solution base, keep olive oil soap handy to use instead of wipes solution since Witch Hazel can sting, if skin is broken on baby’s bottom